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Writing tips for writing to teen audience

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teen audienceWriters have their own writing styles and they have this what they call specialty. If your focus is to write for teen here’s a little tip for you. When we say “teens” it normally ranges a huge array of age groups and maturity. There is what we call the “tweens,” which includes the early years, age groups that are around 12 – 15 (i guess). And we also have this what we call “young adults”. They are the group of teens that are from ages 14 – 20, and have much mature teen personality.

The diverse levels of maturity will need diverse levels of subject theme, but most publications for teenagers need to be professionally penned about helpful themes that suits their age group.

When you wanted to write a book or a novel for teen audience, you must need to get to fully understand youngsters the age you want to read your stories and publications. Pay attention to these people and genuinely listen to them. Teens want thought provoking, attention grabbing literary works. Teenagers, in various age groups, will need characters’ habit to be sensible. They want creatively written fictional works and nonfiction.

Another tip is to refrain from cliches. If you wanted to write something interesting to the teens, make sure your characters are not flat but something that has different tiers of character and qualities.

Make sure your writing will really relate to them. Meaning, relate to their own levels while not getting patronizing or condescending. Writers should avoid insignificant and shallow tales, essays, content, or fiction. Remember that teens are no longer kids and they already have minds who know how to identify an interesting book from an ugly and boring story.

One of the many beliefs that writers have is teen books should be dark and dreadful. Actually, that belief is very inappropriate because teens will always like humor in every story, and they will always find that in a story. They read a book not to feel sorrow but they read because they are looking for an entertaining story. Your story should have interesting depth and meaning and not will only focus on things that will just mislead them into the reality. As a writer, you need to have a portion that lightens up the plot and can give them enjoyment.

If you are targeting a book for teens, make sure you know what your limits are in writing. Don’t be to harsh. Focus on a good story, essay and novel. Remember to be responsible in your writing. Don’t forget the age groups you are targeting because you might come up with something inappropriate for their levels.