Fabric Books: An Effective Tool in Your Child’s Teething Arsenal

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baby teethingWhen your child begins showing the frustrating signs of teething, what do you do? Typically a time of being bombarded with various ‘tried and true’ remedies that have been passed down from generations, even some questionable ones such as rubbing whisky on your sore one’s gums, a new trend is rising. Previously, books were produced for young toddlers in a thick cardboard material. Although more durable than their more fragile counterparts, these did nothing to soothe the pain of the youngsters. Instead, playthings and books were created from soft cotton fabrics, yielding a durable toy that was not only fun to look at, but would also play an important role in soothing teething pain.

As a young infant age, teething at 3 months, parents run into the challenge of providing an entertaining and enriching set of toys for their children to use. The problem isn’t so much entertaining the child, as it is trying to find toys that are durable and will stand up to the destructive demands of the developing youth. Coupled with the urge to soothe their teething pains, parents are encouraged to look for toys that are soft and pliable, so the youngsters can chew or suck on the items. As a result, soft educational toys have been produced in an effort to entertain, educate, and soothe teething pains. These unique toys are made from flexible and soft cotton fabrics. The soft fabric feels natural and soothing on their sensitive gums, and is easily washed when the toy or book becomes grimy.

These days, playthings are not limited to just teddy bears, dolls and building blocks. Quite a few toy companies are producing brand new toys each day. Soft fabric toys have become readily available made from top quality materials. Amongst these new toys, are the development of fabric books. They are offered in a soft cotton material, which comes in a variety of colors. These types of baby books are paving the way from the previous hard cardboard books; made from cloth which is soft as well as safe for kids of any age, they’re easy to manage and are incredibly effective at entertaining kids. Infants in their teething stage my desire to bite or chew on these soft materials, which feels soothing on their inflamed gums.

Because the soft books are constructed from soft cotton, they’re also washable.  When they become filthy, the most anyone will have to do is follow the special cleaning instructions provided with the books. These fabric toys and fabric books are light-weight, as well as simple to hold because so many of them come with a carrying case or handbag which makes transportation easy. Unfortunately, hand crafted toys are typically more expensive in comparison to their factory made counterparts , however these hand crafted toys are made to be more durable and are certainly more memorable. With decent treatment and careful handling, these cloth toys may be used time after time, and they typically will last for a long time. Parents can save a lot of money using these handmade soft toys since they are readily passed on to each new generation.

Although more expensive compared to most other toys, the use you get from them is double fold. Not only can you use them multiple times, they may be passed on to multiple generations due to their durable fabric materials. In fact, many parents have passed these classical fabric books onto their grandchildren as simple playthings or gifts. Unlike their paper counterparts, they’re safer and they will stand up to the abusive, rough and tumble kind of play young kids can exert on their play things.

The baby books are awesome gifts. They’re openly welcomed at baby shower events, children’s birthdays, and even Christmas gifts. In fact, some are even using them as basket stuffers for Easter holiday events. Because they are made of fabric, they may be customized with the child’s name. This will make the gift truly distinctive, and set it apart from all the other toys the child has. As a result, parents will notice the extra effort and thoughts put into producing such a beautiful and distinctive gift.

In addition to making your own fabric books, some of your childhood favorite books have been reproduced in these soft and washable fabrics. Classics such as Macdonald’s Farm, or even the Alphabet book, are now available to educate your children with, as well as provide teething relief for your toddler.

Finding toys that will last and entertain can be particularly tiresome, especially when you need the toys to last. The benefits of fabric books is multifold, due to their durability and ease of use. The ‘pages’ are often made from thick yet soft materials, making it easy for the little ones to grasp and play with. These books are critical for paving the way to success with books.