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Computing in Various Fields and Industries

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Computers have become essential in our daily life, especially in schools, the workplace and in our homes. The 21st century has become an era of technology for the betterment of people’s life. Computer technology has made work much more comfortable.

Computer in Banking:

Our banking needs has been made easier through computer technology. In historic days, people have to maintain valuable customer data manually. But with the advancement of the computer system, one-click will enable you to access this data at an instant. On the other hand, customers have to know their transaction history just by visiting their banking websites through logging. Moreover, loans are now accessed online instead of visiting the lenders.

Computer improvement technology:

Our lifestyle has been improved more than before through computer technology. The presence of the internet and technology has transformed a world into a globalized village. Though the presence of the internet has been affected my emergency of viruses that affects consumers data, antivirus software has played a more significant role to neutralize the situation.

Computer towards food technology:

Computerization and automation in food processing have overcome a lot of challenges encountered through manual operations. The production level has improved, and also the speed of processing is encouraging.

Computer in a healthy field:

Hospital management has now been computerized. The payroll, accounting, and stock system have been computerized. Records of medication, distribution, and use in various wards are maintained. With improved technology, diseases diagnosis can be made online by just entering the signs and symptoms of a disease, and the name of the disease is reflected. Laboratories use computer systems for blood tests and other analysis.

Computer in Agriculture:

Computers nowadays are applied in the farming sector. Farmers access various information like the type of fertilizers to use on multiple crops, best crops suitable to a particular geographical area, online seminars, loans, and other valuable information. Statistics show that most commercial farmers make more use of computers in record keeping, transaction, and educational purpose. Transactions processes have also been mare more natural in line with data retrieving.

Computer in Education.

The education sector has been backed up by the advancement of technology. Students have to be equipped with technology for them to fit in today’s job market. Teaching methodology has been improved in various faculties. Storage of students’ and staff data has been made easier. Research in the computer era has been made easier as the researcher is able to access a lot of information. Distance learning has made things easier through online.

Computer in office:

Creation of files to store bulky data has been enhanced. This has created more space as compared to the physical way of filing. The data is more secured in computers than on shelves. Work projects design has also been enhanced. Sending and receiving messages between the staff members via a network has improved communication channels.

Computers at home

Home budgeting has been made easier. Budget planning and money transaction have been made easier. Mail sending and receiving has also been enhanced. Now news updates are at instance through technology advancement.

Computer Software

Computer software is written programs, codes, or rules that aid computer operation. Computer software describes what a computer can perform. It is intangible. Computers come with the installed software. Some software is stored in DVDs, flash disk, etc. whereby they are installed in the computers by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Computer software is categorized into two main groups: application software and Operating System software (OS).

OS consists of the essential functions of a computer. For instance, the cursor movement on the monitor as the user moves the mouse. An example of OS includes windows XP, windows vista, Linux, Mac, and Unix.

Application Software allows the computer to do a specific task. This kind of software is purposely for accomplishing a specific task. They include record music, view video, play, video game, etc. Therefore, it’s important to realize that how software reviews are important before buying.

System software directly interacts with the computer hardware. This includes keyboard, CPU, mouse, motherboard, printer, etc. It’s responsible for integrating, controlling, and managing computer hardware.

Computer Application

They range from office, enterprise, media players, etc. a graphic designer will require, for instance, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop while architecture will need AutoCAD. This application comes in a different range of prices (shareware), while others are freely available (freeware). Shareware usually comes with a trial period which expires after you will have to purchase it.

A user has to choose the best application which best fit his/her job. As a result, you require a powerful application to accommodate your work need effectively.